Data science consulting, machine learning integration and blockchain experts

The Digigladd team, comprised of experts in cutting-edge, high value-added technologies,
helps you architect, integrate and operate advanced solutions to outperform your business goals.


Data science, machine learning, blockchain

Our team of experts masters a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that are about to transform entire industries just like electricity did in the twentieth century. You can trust Digigladd to guide you and assist you through these upcoming revolutions.


From open source to custom-made projects


We commit ourselves to train our teams in some of the most promising fields of applied science to spread knowledge and further accelerate their development

Why train people?

Skilled workforce is scarce in fields such as machine learning and blockchain technologies. As we strive to assist more clients, it becomes a necessity to share our expertise with promising, eager-to-learn beginners.

But it is also a commitment towards fields that we believe can improve the lives of millions.

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